We worked incredibly hard trying, testing and sourcing everything you see on this website. From the aesthetics to the core components at the heart our products. We pride ourselves on making this an experience. 

Below are the reviews of our products that were sent to info@stonewoodsilk.com, copied and pasted.

We are always eager to hear from you!


A. Uddin - London

Absolutely Amazing!!

Been using the beard oil and i have already seen changes in my beard. The oil isn’t too thick unlike other beard oils and it makes my beard feel moisturised. I am definitely going to use it from now on and I would definitely recommend it to my friends


A. Khan - Harrow

Fantastic products, would especially recommend the oil. My beard was good before I started using it but it’s definitely taken it to another level. The final few gaps are almost filled and the whole beard is looking healthier and more nourished. Great work with the guides as well as it helps to use the products in the most effective way 👏


James P. - London

Bought Castor oil from Brixton market... lol
This elixir doesn't compare to anything else out there. Smells peng, works like a charm and beard soon connect. I'm one happy don! Only been using it for 3 months and can see a big difference. 10/10 would recommend!


M. Abrunhosa - Cardiff

I previously ordered 2 products from Stonewood Silk and the only complaint I can make is that I took so long to get. 
The beard oil works better than they described but you have to be consistent if you want to see any results. 
The packaging and delivery was spot on with no leakages or anything broken!


K. Lioko - N/A

Had been waiting ages for this to launch & ain’t looked back since. The beard oil is light unlike others I’ve used & the vanilla coco scent, in this & shampoo, is heavenly. I can definitely see a difference in beard growth texture. By the far the best beard products I’ve used. Looking forward to adding that Patchwork Gold product to the collection soon.


A. Seedat - London

Been using the trilogy since it was released and I have seen a major 
difference in a short amount of time, I also bought the patchwork gold 
which has yielded similar results. the products smell amazing and are 
very easy to apply and do not leave any unpleasant residue.

10/10 product and all natural which is the best thing, no complaints 
from me!


I. Sheikh - London

Absolutely exceeded my expectations considering that you guys are a new company! Best product on the market by a mile!

I literally only ordered the trilogy set on Friday and I could say that after ‘sharing’ the products with my cousin for around 2 months (well, I used the set waaaay more than him and ended up taking it home 😆), I am beyond amazed as to what each product has done to my skin and my hair in general. I had small patches spread everywhere around my beard and moustache when I initially grew it out i had troubles covering it so I used to shave it off. Now I could wear my beard with much more pride and I know that there are still like 1-2 very small patches on my beard but honestly the improvements are beyond what I expected, hence why I ordered a set for myself considering that I finished my cousins set. This is a mad set and it has left me with a very very soft bouncy beard that I’m comfortable to wear for once! It’s not just my beard, it’s my hairline too. My hairline is much more prominent than before and has clarity. 
As for my skin, wow, honestly my skin is much more healthier looking than I ever had it. 

Definitely recommend even for those who haven’t grown a beard or are reluctant to because they have patches, see me as an example for actually taking time to invest in myself and gain much more confidence than ever before!


M.J. Lecky - Pinner


Below you will see an honest review of the beard oil/trilogy. 

This was/is the first beard oil I have purchased before so I was slightly sceptical due to the fact that there are a lot of products that claim to do a whole list of things but according to reviews never seemed to deliver. However, when this first came on to the market I enjoyed reading the detailed list of oils used and the reasoning behind the choice for each, so as a person who is open to try new brands where I see they have put the effort in I placed my first order at the end of March when it launched. 

From the beginning I was pleased with the information provided for the whereabouts of the product which helped me to understand the product may take slightly longer to deliver than a usual online order which was different to what you usually get with some startups. 

My main goal for the treatment was to fill in the patches in my beard, lower the number of bumps I often got from in grown hairs (as I have afro style hair even the slightest trim often led to hairs growing back and curling in on themselves = more gaps in beard) and also give my beard a smoother feel. After roughly a month of using the beard oil I immediately noticed a rapid decrease in the number of ingrown hairs I got and also the ones I already had gradually went away. In addition, my beard began to fill in and became much softer to the touch. 

From this point on I continued to use the oil but I placed a few other orders with one of them being for the trilogy. I have been using the trilogy for a few weeks now and the combination of all three has made my beard thicker than ever before with no bumps or dryness which I used to experience without it. If anyone experiences any of the issues that I used to suffer before using this product I would definitely recommend this product and if you give it a few weeks you will 100% start to see a difference. 

Will continue to order more and I am excited to see what'll be coming next, keep up the good work. 

Kind regards, 

M. Johnson-Lecky 


N. Ghafouri - Oxford
Hi there, 

I have been using your signature beard oil for around 6 weeks or so now, and I simply love it. I’ve always had a beard but I’ve always wanted a bigger beard. It’s at a decent length now but we always want more, right?! I’ll be honest here, since using the oil, I haven’t seen major differences but I know it takes time. However, I have noticed my beard looks stronger in general and I can see it gradually, looking more healthy and more defined. This is the effect I wanted. I’m definitely going to be getting some more oil, along with the conditioner to maximise the impact they have on my beard and hopefully soon, when the times comes, my beard will be elite. Just like the products I use from you. 

Looking forward to continuing to buy from yourselves. Keep up the great work guys. 

Kind Regards, 

N. Ghafouri


Asha, Middlesex

 Sometimes you don't know you need something until you try it and that's what I found with this beard oil. For years I've struggled to keep my mane looking just the way I like it until I discovered Stonewood Silk