What's in the bottle?

Over 100 organic oils were studied. Each with their own unique effect on hair and skin. Below is a comprehensive list of those who made the cut and why. Our formulas continue to evolve as we learn more and study your feedback. All with the aim of bringing you the cream of the crop.


Black Seed:

Once found in the Egyptian tomb of King Tut by archaeologists (who probably shouldn't have been there) the health, skin & hair benefits of black seed oil have been around for longer than any of us who live and breathe today. Black seed oil boasts an unrivaled ability to hydrate & replenish.


Jamaican Black castor oil:

Traditionally made via the roasting, grinding and boiling of the castor seed. High in ricinoleic acid, castor oil is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and an excellent anti-oxidant.



Our coconut oil is a multi purpose, light, unscented oil that's very easily absorbed by the skin. In the 1950s coconut oil was a key ingredient in cooking but as time elapsed people looked for cheaper alternatives. We selected coconut oil because of its ability to carry and support other oils while maintaining its own ability to nourish and protect.


Sweet Almond:

One of the most gentle oils we've incorporated here at Stonewood Silk. It's not as fast absorbing as coconut oil meaning it can offer a layer of protection as well as requiring less to do more. Rich in vitamin E & magnesium we had no choice but to include this oil and its soft but serious properties.



Imported from the south western deserts of Morocco where its originating tree is often referred to as the tree of life. Argan oil is so important to the local culture that it's been inducted into the UNESCO world heritage list. Rich in vitamin E this oil made the cut purely based on its history and the character of good health it embodies.



A rich & thick oil that is full of proteins and most noticeably an organic compound that resembles collagen. Originating from a drought resistant plant in the southern regions of California it has long been used by native Americans for both food & health purposes. This oil made the cut due to its ability to transport its nutrients deep into your hair & skin.


Hemp Seed:

Our favourite. Rich in vitamin A. Rich in vitamin E. Rich in all amino acids. Hemp seed oil is widely regarded as one of the most complete oils. Originating from the cannabis plant. Hemp's first publicly accessible documented use dates back 5000 years to ancient China & in India the plant is still revered as a sacred plant of Shiva, the God of ecstasy. Hemp Seed oil is a key component in all our products & one of the key reasons working with us will change your life.


Apricot Kernel:

We stumbled onto Apricot Kernel oil after reading an article about its anti cancer properties. We are still digging into these roots but after some vigorous testing apricot kernel oil showed us its ability to carry immense nutrition whilst being even lighter than our sweet almond oils.



Imported from New Zealand. Manuka has so many beneficial properties that we're going to struggle to list them all, but we'll give it a try. Manuka oil's healing properties are so diverse and proven to combat: cold sores, airborne bacteria, catarrh coughs, sinusitis, burns, abrasions, acne, athletes foot & general bruising. Manuka oil has a drying effect so we only use it in conjunction with other more nourishing oils but its incredible healing potential makes it a must have for your hair & skin.



The Indian gooseberry. Amla oil is one of the most nutritious oils on the planet. Rich in antioxidants. Rich in iron & magnesium. Rich in vitamin A & vitamin C. Rich in fibre. Rich in calcium. Rich in essential fatty acids, proteins & carbohydrates. We enlisted Amla oil due to its ability to promote hair growth but as we dug deeper into its history we were overwhelmed with stories about its anti cancer, diabetes & anaemia properties. But don't take our word for it we encourage everyone to do their own research.


St Johns Wort:

A midsummer herb with many soothing properties. This bright & slightly aromatic oil does wonders for worn muscles and nerves. Ideally used before or after exposure to sunlight. We added this oil because we feel it'll take your hair & skin to another level if you live or visit hot regions with an abundance of sunlight.



Another sunlight specialist. The Calendula plant flowers almost all year round and has earned the nickname: "the calendar flower". We hope its healing properties will help you flourish all year round. Very much an oil that goes to another level when exposed to sunlight. Enjoy.



Citrus Bergamia, in contrary to another well known bergamot the oil we chose derives from a citrus tree. One of its earliest reported uses dates back to when the well known thief Christopher Columbus who transported it from what we now call the canary islands back to southern Italy. It's now said that this region in southern Italy produces the best Bergamot oils. Which is a testament to how well Bergamot can adjust to its surroundings. In terms of effectiveness we chose this oil due to its stress reducing properties as well as its ability to help conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. It's also strongly scented and fills the air with an essence of pure cleanliness. It also boasts a wonderful connection with nature and can serve as an insect repellent.



From the sacred Cedar trees of Lebanon and the Atlas mountains. Another multi purpose oil we originally selected it for its outstanding warm, woody & natural scent but upon closer inspection it revealed its true nature. Along with its healthy aroma cedar wood is often use to soothe many skin conditions such as acne & eczema. On top of that it can be used to relax nervous tension and uplift the users self confidence. Let us know what it does for you. 


Ylang Ylang:

Imported from the Philippines this 'flower of flowers' came to our attention when we were looking for oils that offer more than just nutrition. Its history runs deep as it's still to this day a key part of the local region's wedding ceremonies. Simply put, this oil is all about attraction. Its reputation speaks of its ability to dispel insecurities, calm palpitations, reduce anxiety & serve as an aphrodisiac. We must also add its ability to soothe irritated & oily skin. It has an intensely floral and somewhat magical scent.



Rosemary is another oil that we initially investigated due to its reputation for having a deeply herbal, somewhat exotic, woody & sweet scent. Yet again our research proved that this was nothing but the tip of the iceberg. Rosemary oil is all about energies. It's history lays in soul bonding, but not remotely in a sensual way, it has more of a family ties and protective element. Its more quantifiable characters lie in its ability to promote blood circulation, especially to the brain and can soothe headaches. We'd be foolish not to mention that it also does wonders for muscle aches & pains, as well as general bodily fatigue.


Juniper Berry:

As seen in the ancient Egyptian papyri the Juniper berry has accompanied mankind through history. Often used to cleanse a room of not only airborne bacteria but also negative energies. We included this oil because of its deep history in helping mankind through some of its darkest days as well as its undeniable ability to help with ailments such as dermatitis and persistent skin irritation. Its strong fresh fruity scent also made it a no brainer.  



This is probably our most controversial ingredient because the carrot vegetable is actually man made. However our oil is derived from its wild ancestor the Queen Anne's Lace. We added it due to its efficient ability to combat ageing as well as being a rejuvenating force that embodies what we're trying to do here at Stonewood Silk. It also has a very natural yet complex scent.


Sea Buckthorn:

Firstly, Sea Buckthorn oil doesn't come from the sea. It's a unique oil that derives from a shrub indigenous to mountain & coastal regions of Asia & Europe. It's documented uses date back as far as the Tang dynasties of Tibet, as well as a key contributor to Ayurvedic medicine from 5000BC into the present day. We chose Sea Buckthorn oil due to it's uniquely high composition of both fatty acids & nutrients. It contains 190+ of these nutrients including vitamin C levels that are ten times higher than that of an orange. Three times more vitamin A than carrots and it is the ONLY plant source to naturally contain Omega's 3, 6, 7 & 9. It's also loaded with antioxidants. There are few better oils on the planet for your hair & skin. We are certainly glad to welcome it aboard.


Prickly Pear:

Native to Mexico & South America Prickly Pear is the fruit of a resilient cactus that is now grown across the world. Tunisia, Morocco & Australia are all examples of regions that have adopted this powerful genus of cacti. Prickly Pear Seed Oil is fast absorbing, deeply moisturising & rich in Omega 6. It's also naturally high in tocopherols which act as excellent antioxidants. Our decision to add this oil to our illustrious list came on the back of its reputation for moisturising well beneath the epidermal surface. Another wonderful trait of this oil is it's ability to combat a number of skin conditions; for example acne can stem from excess sebum production & this oil's non comedogenic nature means it can restore a balance to the skin as well as improving the appearance of scar tissue.


Rose hip:

Rose hip oil is extracted from a very unique and specific type of rose; Rosa Moschata. It's rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals & is an essential source of fatty acids, namely: oleic, linoleic, palmitic, & gamma linoleic acids. These are absorbed by the skin and converted into prostaglandins which then form compounds which play a role in the regeneration of tissues and cellular membranes. Also world renowned for its anti-ageing properties.



Castor oil has an arsenal of medicinal & pharmaceutical uses. It is made by extracting oil from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant & is therefore rich in ricinoleic acid which acts as a humectant and locks in moisture beneath the skin. Castor oil also stimulates tissue growth and works an anti inflammatory agent when confronted with cuts & wounds. 



With over 600 species of helichrysum it was difficult for us to identify which strain we liked. However, the most common helichrysum essential oil is Helichrysum italicum and is native to Mediterranean regions & Asia. Often referred to as the immortal flower. When Helichrysum oil is used cosmetically it will aid your skins ability to stay soft, smooth and moisturised. It will also prevent dehydration & cracking. This essential oil is also used for medicinal purposes as it has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & anti-allergenic properties.


Clary Sage:

Three types of hair loss can be attributed to high stress levels: Telogen effluvium, Trichotillomania (hair pulling) and Alopecia areata. Clary sage can be used to help relieve stress and reduce cortisol levels in the body, it works as a natural remedy for stress-induced hair loss. Also one of the main components of clary sage oil is an ester called linalyl acetate which reduces skin inflammation & regulates the production of oil on the skin. Clary sage also works as a natural remedy for rashes.



We chose Lemongrass for it's ability to strengthen hair follicles but it's very much a multitasker. Boasting elite cleaning and deodorising properties Lemongrass also reduces dandruff and relieves stress which we know can often induce balding.



Not only just a powerful antiseptic Peppermint oil helps to stimulate the scalp and increase blood flow to both roots & follicles. When applied topically it will also reduce skin inflammation and relieve tension. Many claim it provides a mental boost but we couldn't find a quantifiable study on this claim so we'll leave that conclusion up to you.



We chose chamomile oil simply because it's incredibly effective at adding shine, softness and soothing your scalp. However, its another multitasker and is often reputably linked to reducing insomnia, an organic antihistamine, boosting general skin health & supporting digestion.