Here we will outline how to get the most out of your Stonewood Silk products:


Our oils are rich in nutrients but are also formulated to be light and easily absorbed by your skin & hair. They don't typically need much support when it comes to providing you with the benefits they promise. However we highly recommend adding moisture before use or applying to damp hair/ skin before it has the chance to fully dry out. 


Oils and water don't mix, therefore by applying a thin layer of our oils over the top of an already moist surface it helps to lock in the moisture underneath. Our oils are formulated to not only nourish your hair & skin but also to provide a layer of protection above the surface. Meanwhile the nutritious elements get to work on and below the surface as they show us & most importantly you why they impressed us during the selection process.


Our oils are best applied as a thin layer across any area you'd like to focus their expertise but can also be applied topically. Don't be afraid to apply smaller amounts directly to target areas like a patch in your beard or some discoloured skin. 

Our signature oils contain a blend of incredibly nutritious essential oils that work in unison to nourish, repair, protect, maintain and support your hair and skin. Our oils also encourage hair growth in problem regions as they nourish deep beneath the epidermal surface and provide your foundations with the key components they need. 




Our soaps are best used as part of your normal washing routines, rub a small amount into your hands to create a lather or spray directly onto your focus area. Rub in circular motions to lift off dirt and impurities, then rinse it off thoroughly once you're satisfied you're clean. We always recommend following up cleaning with moisturising so be sure to use a thin layer of your Stonewood Silk signature hair/skin & beard oil to reintroduce an abundance of vital nutrients to your now sparkling skin or hair. Alternatively you can use other non amazing creams & lotions.

Our soaps contain an ideal balance of organic cleaning agents & light essential oils which will serve to clean, neutralise, purify & protect your skin without excessively drying it out.




Our conditioners provide instant and long lasting moisture to any region they're applied to. Unlike our oils & soaps which can be used solely for skin purposes we recommend only using your conditioner on your hair. Whether that's hair on your head or facial hair. It's been specifically formulated to bring vibrance and life to each and every follicle, encouraging growth as well as strength and resilience. For the best results simply spray the conditioner onto all your hair from a distance of 4-5 inches. If you're yet to style your hair then we recommend running your hands through as you spray to ensure the conditioner reaches your roots. If you're at the MC hammer 'don't touch this' stage of your routine then a thin layer over the top of your hair is also fine.

Our conditioners contain a blend of organic essential oils & organic long lasting moisturising agents which will serve to nourish, protect, strengthen & promote growth. 

Shake thoroughly before use.  

Trilogy sequence: 


If you're lucky enough to get your hands on the Stonewood Silk signature trilogy then here's all you need to know about the frequency & order in which to use the products. Please use the above explanations for more clarification on the below instructions.


For head hair:

1 - Soap, then rinse off thoroughly.

2 - Conditioner, leave in.

3- Oil, apply a thin layer over all hair to lock in moisture and deeply nourish all hair covered.

For best results, perform daily, soap may be reduced to once every other day.


For facial hair:

1 - Soap, then rinse off thoroughly.

2 - Conditioner, leave in.

3 - Oil, apply a thin layer over all hair & surrounding skin to lock in moisture and deeply nourish.

For best results, perform daily, soap may be reduced to once every other day.


For weak/ spacious facial hair:

1 - Soap, then rinse off thoroughly.

2 - Conditioner, use sparingly, leave in.

3 - Oil, apply a thin layer over all facial hair as well as putting a drop on your fingertips and massaging it directly into problem areas. Do not overload your face with oil but massage all oil applied for 5-10 seconds. 

To maximise hair growth this needs to be done daily. 


For skin:

1 - Soap, then rinse off thoroughly.

2 - Oil, apply a thin layer and massage in gently

Every other day, aids in the reduction of spots, impurities & blemishes.